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Capital Raising/ Asset Funding

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Capital Raising/ Asset Funding

It is Prudent norm to follow Apt Debt/ Equity ratio in any Business Activity. Maintaining comfortable Debt/ Equity helps a Business in some of the many ways listed below:
a. Leveraging Business Opportunities
b. Scaling up of Business Activities
c. Yielding a better return to Investment with Cost-Benefit Principle.
d. Better Taxation Management
e. Automatic Measurement of Business Health

Solutions offered in form of:
a. Working Capital Funding
b. Machinery/ Asset Funding
c. Bank Guarantees
d. Over Draft facilities
e. Facilities for Exporters & Importers
f. Factoring Services
g. Solutions for Retail Requirements
a. Home Loan
b. Loan Against Property
c. Vehicle Loan
d. Mortgages

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